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/ ʌnˈteɪmd /


  1. not cultivated, domesticated, or controlled

    beautiful untamed wilderness

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Example Sentences

Cotton plants native to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula may all look the same — unkempt and untamed bushes with flowers that shift from pale yellow to violet as pollinators visit them.

All you really need for an inspiring commencement address is untamed enthusiasm and a big dream.

Feudal families held much of the power in an untamed empire of mercenary armies warring for control of small sections of land.

Rule-breaking silhouettes are presented against raw and untamed backgrounds.

I know that Jim Billings was a dangerous untamed animal; he is now a jolly, but quiet fellow.

The girls had never realized before that nature, untamed by man, could be so lovely.

A strange life had been hers, and it had left her like some beautiful, untamed, wild bird—untrammeled by conventionalities.

Mad are the passions, as a colt untamed!When Prudence mounts their backs to ride them mild.

There was passionate grief in her face, a wild sort of despair, such as one might see in a suddenly-wounded, untamed creature.