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/ ʌnˈtæpt /


  1. not yet used

    previously untapped resources

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Example Sentences

This is a largely untapped opportunity that will yield positive returns both in human and financial terms.

But rules are rules, and the French government sees an untapped source of tax revenue.

Country's scientific potential remains untapped, study finds.

Companies are discovering the untapped brainpower of a group long thought ill suited to the office: adults on the autism spectrum.

These microadjustments seem like a small price to pay for access to so much untapped brainpower.

We need an awakening to the untapped power and possibilities of human nature.

"I will show you," he said, and taking with him a gouge and ax, he approached a maple still untapped.

Taking each a bundle of spiles and an ax, the boys set out for the part of the sugar bush as yet untapped, and began their work.

They use the Ultimate Energy known to exist for six hundred years, and still untapped by us.

That smile carried a live consciousness of untapped power, of the record he and his comrades had made.


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