verb (used with object), un·tied, un·ty·ing.

to loose or unfasten (anything tied); let or set loose by undoing a knot.
to undo the string or cords of.
to undo, as a cord or a knot; unknot.
to free from restraint.
to resolve, as perplexities.

verb (used without object), un·tied, un·ty·ing.

to become untied.

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Origin of untie

before 1000; Middle English untyen, Old English untīegan. See un-2, tie

Can be confusedunite untie

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verb -ties, -tying or -tied

to unfasten or free (a knot or something that is tied) or (of a knot or something that is tied) to become unfastened
(tr) to free from constraint or restriction
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Old English untiegan, from un- (2) + tie (v.). Related: Untied; untying.

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