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[ uhn-tahy ]

verb (used with object)

, un·tied, un·ty·ing.
  1. to loose or unfasten (anything tied); let or set loose by undoing a knot.
  2. to undo the string or cords of.
  3. to undo, as a cord or a knot; unknot.
  4. to free from restraint.
  5. to resolve, as perplexities.

verb (used without object)

, un·tied, un·ty·ing.
  1. to become untied.


/ ʌnˈtaɪ /


  1. to unfasten or free (a knot or something that is tied) or (of a knot or something that is tied) to become unfastened
  2. tr to free from constraint or restriction

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Word History and Origins

Origin of untie1

before 1000; Middle English untyen, Old English untīegan. See un- 2, tie
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Example Sentences

Until members of Jerusalem’s fractious faiths—including Christians—accept and respect one another’s existing prayer spaces, there is little chance for untying the world’s ultimate geopolitical knot.

From Time

Together, we must be untied by the goal to prepare our young people to wrestle with the complexities of civic life in ways that are thoughtful, informed by evidence, grounded in democratic values and respectful of different points of view.

A regular eight-turn clinch knot would not hold at all, slipping out and coming untied at about 10 pounds of force.

In anticipation of the deal closing, CEO Frank Gibeau told me that this represents Zynga’s first move into the world of hyper-casual games — games where, as their titles suggest, players perform simple tasks like throwing knives and untying knots.

“I bent over to untie my shoelaces, and I felt an agent pouring cold water on me,” said Adonys, who has filed an asylum request.

Then he proceeded to untie the stops in the mainsail, and was thus engaged when a voice hailed him from the shore.

I got up and tried to untie her, but I was so excited my hands shook so I couldn't hardly do anything with them.

Pulasi ang sanggutan arun mamúnga, Untie the coconut bud so it will bear fruit.

So far, therefore, as relates to simple existence, the Inductive Logic has no knots to untie.

Would you jest as soon, ma'am, if it ain't troubling you too much, jest nat'rally sort of untie Billy?


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