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[ uhn-tohld ]


  1. not told; not related; not revealed:

    untold thoughts.

  2. not numbered or enumerated; uncounted:

    She used untold sheets of paper in writing the book.

  3. inexpressible; incalculable:

    untold suffering.


/ ʌnˈtəʊld /


  1. incapable of description or expression

    untold suffering

  2. incalculably great in number or quantity

    untold thousands

  3. not told

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Word History and Origins

Origin of untold1

before 1000; Middle English; Old English unteald. See un- 1, told

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Example Sentences

Even after roasting 20 birds that year and untold more in previous years, “I never tire of them,” she said.

The prison industrial complex gets hundreds of years of untold failures that have really caused a lot of harm.

From Vox

For too long, the Israeli-Palestinian issue has caused untold suffering for people of the Middle East.

From Fortune

Eleven years into its tenure and untold millions invested, the Oregon Project had not produced to a commensurate level of expectation, or expense.

From Fortune

Beyond untold advances in science, technology, and business, there are serious potential ramifications for national security.

From Fortune

The World of Ice Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and The Game of ThronesGeorge R.R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia Jr.

Every story thread that was left untold last season gets answered this season.

As a gay man, Mann was interested in telling an untold piece of gay history; but as a historian he was even more fascinated.

But I think the story of the politicized religious right is one of the biggest untold stories of our time.

This state-sanctioned discrimination has forced an untold number of LGBT in the shadows for fear of persecution.

Without such warnings by night and by day, the world would suffer the loss of thousands of lives and untold millions of gold.

She remembered the day she sat on the floor, turning the pages of his letter, seeking the reason which was left untold.

The pictures are of untold value, one room being filled with originals by Gainsborough and Reynolds alone.

"Your reward for service untold," she tossed forth; and only the Count and two more knew what her words implied.

Were shop-girls provided with even the commonest of seats, untold numbers of crimes and diseases would be heard of no more.