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[ uhn-trakt ]


  1. that is not or cannot be tracked or traced:

    untracked marauders of the jungle.

  2. Informal. achieving a superior level of performance after a slow start:

    The team suddenly got untracked and began to score.

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Example Sentences

Elsewhere, up high beyond the marked trails, untracked powder sparkled.

If your local spot is overrun with such vainglorious bullies, you may simply have to travel farther to emptier pastures or even consider foregoing turns altogether and strapping on skinny skis and tromping out to some untracked piece of paradise.

Midfat skis that excel at both carving on hardpack or pivoting and slashing in untracked powder are rare.

I think it’s important for SEOs to be involved in brand conversations because we are particularly vulnerable to untracked brand changes and because we regularly use tools and work with data that can help us estimate branded search.

The first is that Hurricane Sandy untracked Romney as he was rising in the polls.

He promises the world a literature, an art, that shall be new because his forest is untracked and his town just built.

When they left the trail and took to the untracked snow, speed slackened considerably.

Ages have passed; a change has been wrought in the scene—man has subjugated "the untracked and rude."

The dog train was moving at a reckless gait over the untracked, hardening snow.

Sheets and waves and billows and tumbles of green; oceans unswum, continents untracked, of thousandfold green.