[ uhn-trav-uhld ]
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  1. not having traveled, especially to distant places; not having gained experience by travel.

  2. not traveled through or over; not frequented by travelers: an untraveled country lane.

Origin of untraveled

First recorded in 1575–85; un-1 + traveled
  • Also especially British, un·trav·elled .

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How to use untraveled in a sentence

  • Faced with mounting problems of inequality, diminishing resources, and a looming climate calamity, we must learn to recognize the flaws in such linear storytelling, and to imagine the future along as-yet-untraveled pathways of change.

  • Perhaps it was a sign that this section of the woods was untraveled, or maybe nobody had ever thought to pluck it from its habitat.

    Mushroom Hunting at the End of the World | Danny Palumbo | November 12, 2020 | Eater
  • Along the combined streams ran a road—a dirt road originally, now long untraveled, muddy and bad, but still a road.

    The Onslaught from Rigel | Fletcher Pratt
  • The younger and more untraveled portion of the community thought of them with a certain amount of awe and fear.

    The Man From Glengarry | Ralph Connor
  • He was a serious, sincere, untraveled provincial, possessing unusual gifts of oratory.

    Marse Henry (Vol. 1) | Henry Watterson
  • What strange adventures await us in those yet untraveled regions toward which we speed?

    A Cynic Looks at Life | Ambrose Bierce
  • They were within sight of the endless untraveled land that reached, unbroken by civilization, to the far-distant Arctic.

    On the Edge of the Arctic | Harry Lincoln Sayler