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[ uhn-won-tid, ‐-wawn ]


  1. not desired or needed; not wanted:

    My absence generated some unwanted attention.


/ ʌnˈwɒntɪd /


  1. not wanted or desired

    an unwanted pregnancy

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unwanted1

First recorded in 1695–1700; un- 1( def ) + want ( def ) + -ed 2( def )
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Example Sentences

Although accuracy of editing has improved, there are still concerns that gene editors will make unwanted, “off-target” changes elsewhere in DNA that might cause harm.

Pre-pandemic, Palantir did generate unwanted attention for such contracts.

From Fortune

With new molecular biology techniques, researchers can fine-tune vaccines to have predetermined lifetimes, which could eliminate concerns over unwanted mutations or ongoing evolution of the vaccine organism.

You probably don’t have a sauna in your house — and public ones seem like a good place to pass unwanted germs.

From Ozy

If CRISPR creates the wrong mutation, this could give the horse an unwanted trait.

Girls raised in households with more equitable fathers show lower rates of unwanted sex.

Targeting pods can bulge out a bit, and leak out unwanted signals.

As she details in her book Straight From The Source, Osorio began getting unwanted sexual advances from Scott.

Of course, physical intimidation is not the only way to discourage unwanted reporting.

It promises to be a parsimonious solution to the age-old problem of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

They, the restless ones, the unwanted and forgotten, the survivors.

Helen looked down on Ellice as a person of no importance, who was entirely unwanted, a mere nuisance, someone for ever in the way.

The unwanted information is painted out with an opaque substance, and then a photographic print is prepared.

If the best had been denied, she had been spared the worst,—the lot of a superfluous, unwanted woman!

We lose whatever sense of well-being we may have had, and we begin to feel unwanted, depressed, and less alive.


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