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/ ʌnˈwɒtʃt /


  1. (of an automatic device, such as a beacon) not manned
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Example Sentences

It received acres of coverage, but it was mostly unremittingly negative, and it went largely unwatched by viewers.

To abandon them is to invite political ruin should a suicide bomber carry out his plans in an area unwatched by video eyes.

During the day-time they had been under other guard, but now they lay unwatched—to the casual eye.

He did not dare to leave the shelf unwatched, even to run downstairs to ring the bell.

Is there anything so delicious as the first exploration of a great library—alone—unwatched?

Then, when the man had ceased to stand guard, Vail would suddenly find an entrance to him by an unwatched gate.

They could stray up so near to the wall in an apparently unwatched garden as to find it easy to jump over it.