[ uhn-wawn-tid, -wohn-, -wuhn- ]
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  1. not customary or usual; rare: unwonted kindness.

  2. Archaic. unaccustomed or unused.

Origin of unwonted

First recorded in 1545–55; un-1 + wonted

Other words from unwonted

  • un·wont·ed·ly, adverb
  • un·wont·ed·ness, noun

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How to use unwonted in a sentence

  • The moon seemed to smile on him; the aurora appeared to dance with unwonted vigour, as if in glee; the very stars winked at him!

    The Giant of the North | R.M. Ballantyne
  • Anselme, thus enjoined, lent an unwonted alacrity to his movements, waddling grotesquely like a hastening waterfowl.

    St. Martin's Summer | Rafael Sabatini
  • He soon experienced an unwonted sense of fatigue, then a drowsy sensation came over him.

    The Giant of the North | R.M. Ballantyne
  • He noticed too that the vicar's sister now shook hands with him with an unwonted pressure.

  • By this time they were joined by the mate and the rest of the crew, who had heard the unwonted sounds and hurried on deck.

British Dictionary definitions for unwonted


/ (ʌnˈwəʊntɪd) /

  1. out of the ordinary; unusual

  2. (usually foll by to) archaic unaccustomed; unused

Derived forms of unwonted

  • unwontedly, adverb
  • unwontedness, noun

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