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[ uhn-yeel-ding ]


  1. unable to bend or be penetrated under pressure; hard:

    The unyielding metal door resisted the intruder's attempts to force it open.

  2. not apt to give way under pressure; inflexible; firm:

    Despite her injuries, she maintained an unyielding determination to complete the marathon.


/ ʌnˈjiːldɪŋ /


  1. not compliant, submissive, or flexible

    his unyielding attitude

  2. not pliable or soft

    a firm and unyielding surface

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Other Words From

  • un·yielding·ly adverb
  • un·yielding·ness noun

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Example Sentences

Her questions were smart and, more politically important, her demeanor was unyielding.

Nancy’s unyielding and adoring gaze focused solely on her husband.

It was earth like I’d never seen it—furious, vast, unyielding.

That familiarity, she says, made her feel safe while being so unyielding in her discussion of what she’s been through.

Since we met during his freshman term in Congress, Xavier has been an unyielding champion for justice, regardless of the personal or political consequences.

Spader, so intense and riveting last year as Red, has lost some of that unyielding relentlessness.

Both insisted Goldwater was scaring away the swing voters Republicans needed with his unyielding conservatism.

[Hoffman] was definitely ferocious and unyielding in that movie.

That standard and his unyielding hold to keeping up those standards made me want to work harder, but I only realized that after.

She wore an apple-green housedress and her graying beehive hairdo was unyielding against the blasts of a chugging air conditioner.

He turned his head, fixed his unyielding eyes upon her, said "Yes," and glanced away.

Right through the centre of this house rose the thick unyielding mast of the vessel.

A man can face his foes with a spirit undaunted and unyielding, but he can not fly from them without trembling as he looks behind.

This was found to be wholly impossible because of the unyielding bigotry and hostility of the Moslem community and the government.

Bone would prove too unyielding, but cartilage, or gristle, meets the case exactly.





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