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verb (used with object), un·yoked, un·yok·ing.
  1. to free from or as if from a yoke.
  2. to part or disjoin, as by removing a yoke.
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verb (used without object), un·yoked, un·yok·ing. Obsolete.
  1. to remove a yoke.
  2. to cease work.
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Origin of unyoke

before 1000; Middle English unyoken, Old English ungeocian. See un-2, yoke1
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Examples from the Web for unyoke

Historical Examples of unyoke

  • "Yes, but if you unyoke here you will never catch them again," he said.

    Ox-Team Days on the Oregon Trail

    Ezra Meeker

  • Let us unyoke it from tradition, which claims to be superior, or even equal.

  • It will take us a good hour to arrive there, and then we will unyoke the oxen.

    The Mission; or Scenes in Africa

    Captain Frederick Marryat

  • After that, let your men rest their poor knees and unyoke your pair of oxen.

  • Then he proceeded to unyoke the four beasts from the other man's wagon and yoked them to his own.

    The Killer

    Stewart Edward White

British Dictionary definitions for unyoke


  1. to release (an animal, etc) from a yoke
  2. (tr) to set free; liberate
  3. (tr) to disconnect or separate
  4. (intr) archaic to cease working
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