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verb (used with object), un·yoked, un·yok·ing.
  1. to free from or as if from a yoke.
  2. to part or disjoin, as by removing a yoke.
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verb (used without object), un·yoked, un·yok·ing. Obsolete.
  1. to remove a yoke.
  2. to cease work.
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Origin of unyoke

before 1000; Middle English unyoken, Old English ungeocian. See un-2, yoke1
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Examples from the Web for unyoking

Historical Examples

  • Heard the careless boy whistling while unyoking the lazy oxen.

    Looking Back

    Merrick Abner Richardson

  • While the men were unyoking the teams I was informed that Mr. Cunningham was missing.

  • No less could be found here the political speculations which were later to aid the colonists in unyoking themselves from England.

    Benjamin Franklin

    Frank Luther Mott

  • A farmer told me that while unyoking his oxen, a lion made a plunge and killed two outright by breaking their spine.

    Ten Years in India

    W.J.D. Gould

  • And the king soon gave him the horse on the left front of his car, unyoking the animal.

British Dictionary definitions for unyoking


  1. to release (an animal, etc) from a yoke
  2. (tr) to set free; liberate
  3. (tr) to disconnect or separate
  4. (intr) archaic to cease working
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