abbreviation for

  1. Urban Operations: refers to combat, warfare, and military operations in urban areas. Compare MOUT ( def ).

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Word History and Origins

Origin of UO1

First recorded in 1995–2000

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Example Sentences

The verbs of this class belong to the sixth ablaut-series ( 12), and accordingly have a in the present; uo in the pret.

The protoxide of uranium (UO) is black, uncrystalline, or forms a brown powder.

The feathers were knotted by twos or threes with twisted strands of the olona, the process being called uo.

He concludes, therefore, if uo signifies heart, that uotan denotes “the inmost heart” or “heart of the expanse.”

But thou maist more fitly dispose and order this proportion thus: As ur, is unto nl: so is uo unto oy.


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