up to

As far as or approaching a certain point. For example, The water was nearly up to the windowsill, or They allowed us up to two hours to finish the test, or This seed should yield up to 300 bushels per acre. [c. a.d. 950]

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How to use up to in a sentence

  • He does well to be proud of his men and of the way they played up to-day when he called upon them to press back the enemy.

  • If a kite would give motive power to a man skating, why not use a more up-to-date air-power scheme on the ice?

  • Despite its antiquity, it is thoroughly up-to-date and was one of the most comfortable inns that we found anywhere.

  • They knew absolutely nothing of the diamond hitch, which every up-to-date packer uses, and Phil would tolerate no other.

  • And that gives you a chance to take the boat up to-day if you hurry, and bring Mr. Warren back with you.

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