[ uhp-klohs ]


  1. at very close range.
  2. in great detail.

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Example Sentences

Their new Balmain campaign isn't just extremely off-putting and incredibly up-close; it's also a serious sartorial achievement.

It can spread through a sneeze, cough, sharing a beverage or speaking up close with someone who has the disease.

Leonard has hung with cops, ridden in squad cars, sat in the courtrooms and precinct houses, seen busts up close.

A soldier can be both imperfect and brave, but in the end, Pitre only shows us one side up close.

But he also remembers what Iberian anti-Americanism looked like up close.

As ill luck would have it, the pair pulled up close to the excited Furibon.

As he did so Young Glory drew up close to him, still keeping him covered with his six-shooter.

The two swam up close, and Harvey reached up and rested a hand on each shoulder.

The Moors did not know of its capture and would not suspect it, and thus it might get up close to the Philadelphia.

"And for the last time I refuse," Toussaint said; and his men without orders moved up close to him.





upchuckup close and personal