[ uhp-tuh-deyt ]
/ ˈʌp təˈdeɪt /


(of persons, buildings, etc.) keeping up with the times, as in outlook, information, ideas, appearance, or style.
in accordance with the latest or newest ideas, standards, techniques, styles, etc.; modern.
extending to the present time; current; including the latest information or facts: an up-to-date report.

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Origin of up-to-date

First recorded in 1865–70

Related formsup-to-date·ly, adverbup-to-date·ness, noun

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  1. modern, current, or fashionablean up-to-date magazine
  2. (predicative)the magazine is up to date
Derived Formsup-to-dately, adverbup-to-dateness, noun

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Word Origin and History for up-to-date



1868, "right to the present time," from phrase up to date, probably originally from bookkeeping. Meaning "having the latest facts" is recorded from 1889; that of "having current styles and tastes" is from 1891.

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