[ oo-pan-i-shad, oo-pah-ni-shahd ]

  1. any of a class of speculative prose treatises composed between the 8th and 6th centuries b.c. and first written a.d. c1300: they represent a philosophical development beyond the Vedas, having as their principal message the unity of Brahman and Atman.

Origin of Upanishad

<Sanskrit upaniṣad, equivalent to upa near + ni- down + -ṣad, sandhi variant of sad-sit1

Other words from Upanishad

  • U·pan·i·shad·ic, adjective

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/ (uːˈpʌnɪʃəd, -ˌʃæd, juː-) /

  1. Hinduism any of a class of the Sanskrit sacred books probably composed between 400 and 200 bc and embodying the mystical and esoteric doctrines of ancient Hindu philosophy

Origin of Upanishad

C19: from Sanskrit upanisad a sitting down near something, from upa near to + ni down + sīdati he sits

Derived forms of Upanishad

  • Upanishadic, adjective

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