[ uhp-heev ]
/ ʌpˈhiv /

verb (used with object), up·heaved or up·hove, up·heav·ing.

to heave or lift up; raise up or aloft.
to force or throw up violently or with much power, as an erupting volcano.
to cause a major disturbance or disorder in: The revolution upheaved the government, causing its leaders to flee the country.

verb (used without object), up·heaved or up·hove, up·heav·ing.

to rise upward, especially extensively or powerfully.

Origin of upheave

First recorded in 1250–1300, upheave is from the Middle English word upheven. See up-, heave

Related forms

up·heav·er, noun
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/ (ʌpˈhiːv) /

verb -heaves, -heaving, -heaved or -hove

to heave or rise upwards
geology to thrust (land) upwards or (of land) to be thrust upwards
(tr) to disturb violently; throw into disorder
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