[ verb uhp-lift; noun uhp-lift ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to lift up; raise; elevate.

  2. to improve socially, culturally, morally, or the like: to uplift downtrodden and deprived peoples.

  1. to exalt emotionally or spiritually.

verb (used without object)
  1. to become uplifted.

  1. an act of lifting up or raising; elevation.

  2. the process or work of improving, as socially, intellectually, or morally.

  1. emotional or spiritual exaltation.

  2. a brassiere.

  3. Geology. an upheaval.

Origin of uplift

First recorded in 1300–50, uplift is from the Middle English word upliften.See up-, lift

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  • up·lift·ment, noun

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How to use uplift in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for uplift


verb(ʌpˈlɪft) (tr)
  1. to raise; elevate; lift up

  2. to raise morally, spiritually, culturally, etc

  1. Scot and NZ to collect (a passenger, parcel, etc); pick up

  1. the act, process, or result of lifting up

  2. the act or process of bettering moral, social or cultural conditions, etc

    • a brassiere for lifting and supporting the breasts

    • (as modifier): an uplift bra

  1. the process or result of land being raised to a higher level, as during a period of mountain building

Derived forms of uplift

  • uplifter, noun

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