[ uhp-mahr-kit ]


  1. appealing or catering to high-income consumers; of high quality; not easily affordable or accessible:

    upmarket fashions.


  1. in an upmarket way.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of upmarket1

First recorded in 1970–75; up- + market

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Example Sentences

It’s the first event scheduled at an aging conference I’m attending this week in Gstaad, an upmarket, picture-postcard Alpine town popular with celebrities.

TRD Pro will only be available on Tundras already equipped with the upmarket Limited trim, so while Toyota hasn’t yet released pricing for the new truck, it seems reasonable to conclude that TRD Pro will involve a substantial premium.

He was struck down inside an upmarket London hotel by a rare radioactive poison that had been slipped in to his pot of tea.

Richie begins to view his project as a possible “upmarket Da Vinci Code.”

If those consumers get their hands on some money, they'll move upmarket to Crate and Barrel and Banana Republic.

It is undeniable that the Booker helped Rushdie get kind reviews in the upmarket press and elevated him further.

This spring, an intriguing pattern has developed in the real estate market in Aspen, the upmarket Colorado ski resort.