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upper arm


  1. the part of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of upper arm1

First recorded in 1875–80

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Example Sentences

Before he knew it, a nurse wearing a face shield, a mask and gloves was applying a bandage to his upper arm.

When the vaccine goes into the muscle cells of the upper arm, the molecular instructions it contains tell your cells to create a protein that looks like the spike protein found on the surface of the coronavirus.

The glucose sensor, for example, consists of a small disc worn on the upper arm, with a thin filament implanted just under the rider’s skin.

Beneath this is a layer of Alpha that covers your entire torso, your shoulders, and the outer side of your upper arms but doesn’t cover your armpits, your inner upper arms, or your forearms.

Medics pressed it against each soldier’s bare upper arm and pulled the trigger.

Your triceps muscle, stationed on the underside of your upper arm, shortened.

She crouched further down, looking up at him and then burying her face against his upper arm, crying.

She had gotten his likeness tattooed on her upper arm, and she raised her sleeve to show it to a reporter.

A section of cane had penetrated the upper arm near the shoulder, making a 297 nasty wound.

It had very short sleeves, covering hardly half of the upper arm, as shown in Fig. 83.

The upper arm has been carried beyond the body of the sign, whether by intention is not apparent.

First I thought I'd take me hatchet and cut it down, for it ain't thicker than me upper arm.

A typical pair of opposed muscles are the biceps and triceps of the upper arm.


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