upper works

pl n
  1. nautical the parts of a vessel above the waterline when fully laden

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How to use upper works in a sentence

  • Soon the upper works of a mine showed, and then more, and all at once we were in a great industrial district.

    In the Ranks of the C.I.V. | Erskine Childers
  • Of course if he should manage to rip away the cloth from the eyelets he'd be all right—he'd simply shift the whole upper works.

  • The Bellevite fired her two broadside guns, and they made terrible havoc in the upper works of the Killbright.

  • This would have involved the raising of the entire road, and a largely increased expenditure on the upper works.

    Lives of the Engineers | Samuel Smiles
  • A shot from her heavy gun knocked off the upper works on one side of the Eleuthera, but did no other damage.

    Fighting for the Right | Oliver Optic