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[ uhp-set-ing ]


  1. tending to disturb or upset:

    an upsetting experience.


/ ʌpˈsɛtɪŋ /


  1. metallurgy the process of hammering the end of a heated bar of metal so that its width is increased locally, as in the manufacture of bolts
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Word History and Origins

Origin of upsetting1

First recorded in 1870–75; upset + -ing 2
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Example Sentences

If this is upsetting, you should know you’ve got a growing number of options for finding out who is following your every move on the internet, and why.

Jess asks Rory to run away with him, and it’s incredibly upsetting and sad.

From Vox

The opening and closing shots of Lorelai’s lost, broken face — as she realizes just how irrevocably her relationship with Luke has ended — are about as upsetting as this show ever gets.

From Vox

So I think it was something extraordinarily upsetting because people want to be able to look to America to lead and to guide and to role model.

From Fortune

It’s understandable that getting a lot of shots at once when your child isn’t feeling well can be upsetting for the child.

These are the kinds of uncomfortable and sometimes upsetting scenarios that make the two-year-old web series so enticing.

Allende had nationalized the mines—upsetting the mine owners, who were not compensated.

Roberts has shown a tendency in other political law cases to make broad pronouncements, upsetting precedent.

What is upsetting, especially in a book about what Dunham has “learned,” is how much weight she puts on being in a relationship.

The day just gets more upsetting when we hear about aboriginal rights in Canada.

It frequently leads to a player upsetting his Pedal combination when he has no desire to do so.

The baboon immediately came down, and it was remarkable how he brought down the basket without upsetting it.

Losch peered sharply and then pulled away, almost upsetting an expensive decanter of liquor on the table beside him.

You can't clap a new head on to old shoulders without upsetting circulation and equilibrium.

Most of our provisions had been lost by the upsetting of the canoe, and we had but a very small quantity of water.





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