[ verb uhp-spring, noun uhp-spring ]
/ verb 蕦p藞spr瑟艐, noun 藞蕦p藢spr瑟艐 /
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verb (used without object), up路sprang or up路sprung, up路sprung, up路spring路ing.
to spring up.
to come into being or existence; arise: Prosperity began to upspring after the war.
noun Archaic.
growth or development.
a coming into existence; origin.
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Origin of upspring

before 1000; (v.) Middle English upspringen,Old English upspringan; (noun) Middle English; Old English upspringe.See up-, spring
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How to use upspring in a sentence

  • With an abrupt upspring, his throat half harsh with anger, he placed both forepaws on the table and barked at the waiter.

  • They watched upspring the green spears of the daffodils, that by-and-by should bear their flags of gold.

    Bud|Neil Munro

British Dictionary definitions for upspring

/ archaic, or literary /

verb (蕦p藞spr瑟艐) -springs, -springing, -sprang, -sprung or -sprung
(intr) to spring up or come into existence
noun (藞蕦p藢spr瑟艐)
a leap forwards or upwards
the act of coming into existence
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