[ uhp-steyj ]
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  1. on or toward the back of the stage.

  1. of, relating to, or located at the back of the stage.

  2. haughtily aloof; supercilious.

verb (used with object),up·staged, up·stag·ing.
  1. to overshadow (another performer) by moving upstage and forcing the performer to turn away from the audience.

  2. to outdo professionally, socially, etc.

  1. to behave snobbishly toward.

  1. the rear half of the stage.

  2. any stage position to the rear of another.

Origin of upstage

First recorded in 1905–10; up- + stage

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British Dictionary definitions for upstage


/ (ˈʌpˈsteɪdʒ) /

  1. on, at, or to the rear of the stage

  1. of or relating to the back half of the stage

  2. informal haughty; supercilious; aloof

  1. to move upstage of (another actor), thus forcing him to turn away from the audience

  2. informal to draw attention to oneself from (someone else); steal the show from (someone)

  1. informal to treat haughtily

  1. the back half of the stage

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