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[ uhp-stairz ]


  1. up the stairs; to or on an upper floor.
  2. Informal. in the mind:

    to be a little weak upstairs.

  3. to or at a higher level of authority:

    You may have to take the matter upstairs.

  4. Military Slang. at or to a higher level in the air.


  1. Also upstair. of, relating to, or situated on an upper floor:

    an upstairs window;

    an upstairs apartment.


, plural up·stairs.
  1. (usually used with a singular verb) an upper story or stories; the part of a building or house that is above the ground floor:

    The upstairs of this house is entirely rented.

  2. a higher command or level of authority:

    We can't take action till we have approval from upstairs.


/ ˈʌpˈstɛəz /


  1. up the stairs; to or on an upper floor or level
  2. informal.
    to or into a higher rank or office
  3. informal.
    in the mind

    a little weak upstairs

  4. kick upstairs informal.
    to promote to a higher rank or position, esp one that carries less power


    1. an upper floor or level
    2. ( as modifier )

      an upstairs room

  1. informal.
    the masters and mistresses of a household collectively, esp of a large house Compare downstairs

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Word History and Origins

Origin of upstairs1

First recorded in 1590–1600; up- + stairs

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. kick upstairs, to promote (a person) to a higher position, usually having less authority, in order to be rid of them.

More idioms and phrases containing upstairs

see kick upstairs .

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Example Sentences

On the night Al Capone died, she remembers her mother leading her upstairs to his room and her father lifting her onto the bed.

My main focus is to balance and step IN BETWEEN lines, never on one … Of course going downstairs you step in between every line but upstairs you skip every other bar.

This allowed for two bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom where only short people could stand up to take care of business.

A cordless vacuum cleaner lets you clean around furniture and move upstairs without tripping over a cord.

I found the mode especially useful at times when I suspected my wife was about to call me upstairs to hold the baby.

Upstairs, in the living room, splintered logs of hemlock cackled and spat from inside the wood stove.

A man who lived upstairs opened his door and witnessed the attack.

He was taken back to the cell upstairs, where his time in detention would span 20 days.

He was told to address the management upstairs with that question.

I went upstairs and stared out the window for a little while.

The governor went upstairs and found Juan de Messa in the hall.

The Professor put down his cards without a word, and left the room, going straight upstairs.

When he was gone, Isaacson returned to his sitting-room upstairs and lit a nargeeleh pipe.

Having reduced Punch to a second agony of tears Harry departed upstairs with the news that Punch was still rebellious.

"Give us a table upstairs alone," said Nigel to the head-steward, putting something into his hand.


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