[ verb uhp-turn, uhp-turn; noun uhp-turn ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to turn up or over: The farmer upturned clumps of sod with his spade.

  2. to cause disorder; upheave: The storm upturned the town.

  1. to direct or turn upward: She upturned her face toward heaven and prayed.

verb (used without object)
  1. to turn up or upward: Her eyes upturned to see his face.

  1. chaos or extreme disorder, as in society; an upheaval.

  2. an upward turn, or a changing and rising movement, as in prices or business.

Origin of upturn

1300–50; Middle English: to overturn; see up-, turn

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How to use upturn in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for upturn


  1. to turn or cause to turn up, over, or upside down

  2. (tr) to create disorder

  1. (tr) to direct upwards

  1. an upward turn, trend, or improvement

  2. an upheaval or commotion

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