[ yoo-ree-thruh ]

noun,plural u·re·thrae [yoo-ree-three], /yʊˈri θri/, u·re·thras.Anatomy.
  1. the membranous tube that extends from the urinary bladder to the exterior and that in the male conveys semen as well as urine.

Origin of urethra

First recorded in 1625–35; from Late Latin ūrēthra, from Greek ourḗthra, equivalent to ourē- + -thra noun suffix; see ureter

Other words from urethra

  • u·re·thral, adjective
  • sub·u·re·thral, adjective
  • trans·u·re·thral, adjective

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How to use urethra in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for urethra


/ (jʊˈriːθrə) /

nounplural -thrae (-θriː) or -thras
  1. the canal that in most mammals conveys urine from the bladder out of the body. In human males it also conveys semen

Origin of urethra

C17: via Late Latin from Greek ourēthra, from ourein to urinate

Derived forms of urethra

  • urethral, adjective

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Scientific definitions for urethra


[ yu-rēthrə ]

Plural urethras urethrae (yu-rēthrē)
  1. The duct through which urine passes from the bladder to the outside of the body in most mammals and some fish and birds. In males, the urethra passes through the penis and also serves as the duct for the release of sperm, which enter the urethra from the vas deferens.

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Cultural definitions for urethra


[ (yoo-ree-thruh) ]

A tube through which urine moves from the urinary bladder out of the body. In the male, the urethra also acts as the passageway for semen.

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