[ur-juh nt]
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  1. compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative; pressing: an urgent matter.
  2. insistent or earnest in solicitation; importunate, as a person: an urgent pleader.
  3. expressed with insistence, as requests or appeals: an urgent tone of voice.

Origin of urgent

1490–1500; < Latin urgent- (stem of urgēns), present participle of urgēre to urge; see -ent
Related formsur·gent·ly, adverbnon·ur·gent, adjectivenon·ur·gent·ly, adverbsu·per·ur·gent, adjectivesu·per·ur·gent·ly, adverbun·ur·gent, adjectiveun·ur·gent·ly, adverb
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Historical Examples of urgently

  • You see, the ball had been announced, and immediate money was urgently needed.

  • His solitude terrified him, and he urgently entreated his sister to come to him.

    Doctor Pascal

    Emile Zola

  • Now, was ever a country so urgently in want of a little repose as ours?

    Nuts and Nutcrackers

    Charles James Lever

  • "You had better go, sir," one of the sisters said, urgently.

  • She would not let him go, but he went on urgently entreating.

    Russian Fairy Tales

    W. R. S. Ralston

British Dictionary definitions for urgently


  1. requiring or compelling speedy action or attentionthe matter is urgent; an urgent message
  2. earnest and persistent
Derived Formsurgency (ˈɜːdʒənsɪ), nounurgently, adverb

Word Origin for urgent

C15: via French from Latin urgent-, urgens, present participle of urgēre to urge
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Word Origin and History for urgently



mid-15c., from Middle French urgent "pressing, impelling" (14c.), from Latin urgentem (nominative urgens), present participle of urgere "to press hard, urge" (see urge (v.)). Related: Urgently.

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