[ ur-suh-luh, urs-yoo- ]


  1. Saint, a legendary British princess who, with 11,000 virgins, is said to have been martyred by the Huns at Cologne.
  2. a female given name: from a Latin word meaning “bear.”


/ ˈɜːsjʊlə /


  1. Ursula, Saint4th or 5th century ad4th or 5th century adMBritishRELIGION: martyrRELIGION: saint Saint. a legendary British princess of the fourth or fifth century ad , said to have been martyred together with 11 000 virgins by the Huns at Cologne. Feast day: Oct 21

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Example Sentences

At this point in the story, Ursula is living in Switzerland.

Sorge was introduced to Ursula by a fellow communist spy in Shanghai.

Ursula’s dull new life in Shanghai changed when she met a man named Richard Sorge — the man who would introduce her to espionage.

He was an architect, a man of charm, perhaps not a very strong character in lots of ways, nothing like as strong as Ursula.

The collection — check out the Ursula doll below — quickly sold out.

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Sayed Jalees and Ursula Frei embraced their daughter, and made sure the rest of the family knew it.

Her mother Ursula is from Switzerland, and her father Sayed is from Pakistan.

But Ursula is phoenix-like, dying and rising up again and again.

From the outset, nothing comes easy for Ursula, who lives and dies at least six times in the first 100 pages alone.

There is Ursula the civil servant bravely patrolling a London bombed to pieces during the Blitz.

Having quitted Britain, St. Ursula and her train of 11,000 maidens underwent various vicissitudes.

I often returned to visit Ursula, and one day, while I sat next her in the window, she told me the simple story of her life.

Ursula darted toward the door, caught my hand as I was passing, and drew me into the narrow passage which led to her room.

The romantic soul of Maurice pleased itself in the atmosphere of sadness which surrounded Ursula.

"I can not leave them," said Ursula, looking mournfully at the two old people slumbering in their arm-chairs.


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