[ oo-roo-shee-awl, -ol ]
/ ʊˈru ʃiˌɔl, -ˌɒl /


a toxic, liquid, catechol derivative, the active irritant principle in several species of the plant genus Rhus, as in poison ivy.

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Origin of urushiol

1910–15; < Japanese urushi lacquer + -ol1
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British Dictionary definitions for urushiol

/ (ˈuːrʊʃɪˌɒl, uːˈruː-) /


a poisonous pale yellow liquid occurring in poison ivy and the lacquer tree

Word Origin for urushiol

from Japanese urushi lacquer + -ol ²
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Medical definitions for urushiol

[ u-rōōshē-ôl′, -ōl′ ]


A toxic substance constituting the active allergen of the irritant oil present in poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.
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Scientific definitions for urushiol

[ u-rōōshē-ôl′, -ōl′ ]

A toxic substance present in the resin or on the surface of plants of the genus Rhus (syn. Toxicodendron). Urushiol is a mixture of several derivatives of catechol and is the irritating substance in poison ivy.
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