Origin of use

1175–1225; (v.) Middle English usen < Old French user < Latin ūsus, past participle of ūtī to use; (noun) Middle English < Old French < Latin ūsus act of using a thing, application, employment, equivalent to ūt-, stem of ūtī to use + -tus suffix of v. action, with tt > s


1 Use, utilize mean to make something serve one's purpose. Use is the general word: to use a telephone; to use a saw and other tools; to use one's eyes; to use eggs in cooking. (What is used often has depreciated or been diminished, sometimes completely consumed: a used automobile; All the butter has been used. ) As applied to persons, use implies some selfish or sinister purpose: to use another to advance oneself. Utilize implies practical or profitable use: to utilize the means at hand, a modern system of lighting.
3 exhaust, waste.
7 familiarize, inure.
12 employment, utilization, application, exercise.
13 handling.

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British Dictionary definitions for use up (1 of 2)

use up

verb (tr, adverb)

to finish (a supply); consume completely
to exhaust; wear out

British Dictionary definitions for use up (2 of 2)


verb (juːz) (tr)

noun (juːs)

See also used to, use up

Word Origin for use

C13: from Old French user to use, from Latin ūsus having used, from ūtī to use
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Idioms and Phrases with use up (1 of 2)

use up


Consume completely, as in The kids used up all their money playing video games. [Late 1700s]


Exhaust, tire out, as in I'm totally used up from digging that hole. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]

Idioms and Phrases with use up (2 of 2)


In addition to the idioms beginning with use

  • used to
  • use one's head
  • use up

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  • have no use for
  • make use of
  • no use
  • put to good use

Also see underused.

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