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user interface


, Digital Technology.
  1. the interface features through which users interact with the hardware and software of computers and other electronic devices. : UI

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Word History and Origins

Origin of user interface1

First recorded in 1965–70
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Example Sentences

With little to no user interface and few prompts, you’re easily absorbed by the striking environments and ambiance.

Since these devices are made to perform multiple tasks, it’s common to see toaster ovens with user interfaces that are riddled with presets that let you click a single button and cook your food perfectly.

Uber has historically absorbed the services it acquires into its main apps, drawing on their consumer data and customer bases while relying on its massive market and streamlined user interface to drive up sales.

Its user interface is easy to understand and the suggestions are presented as tasks, including the estimated amount of time you will need to spend on them.

The user interface is complicated and messy, largely due to the sheer volume of stuff being forced to coexist in the same place.

At 19 years old, Dudas found himself on the team designing the user interface for Xbox Kinect.

For months now rumors have swirled that Apple is working on a television with a unique new user interface.

And maybe redo the user interface to make the TV applications more front-and-center, instead of being buried inside a menu system.

But the best thing is the Kinect controller, which is by far the most advanced user interface in the consumer market.

Recently Google rolled out a new user interface for Gmail, its mail service.





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