/ (eɪs) /

  1. Pieter-Dirk. born 1945, South African comedian and satirist, noted for creating the female character Evita Bezuidenhout

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How to use Uys in a sentence

  • Unfortunately, Piet Uys did not succeed in cutting his way through, and died with his son, fighting bravely against terrible odds.

  • Piet Uys could have easily escaped, but, like Buller, he would see the last of his men clear before turning rein.

  • It was when endeavouring to descend the mountain that the brave Commandant Uys was killed.

  • Potgieter and Uys then commanded a force, and marched out on the enemy, but unfortunately fell into an ambush and were slain.

  • I was there with Piet Uys, and it was a sight, I can tell you.

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