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  1. a vagrant
  2. the vag the Vagrancy Actthe police finally got him on the vag
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verb vags, vagging or vagged
  1. (tr) to arrest (someone) for vagrancy
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Historical Examples of vag

  • The vag let his head fall so that his eyes rested upon the ground.

  • He couldn't do any work And he wouldn't know how if he could; So the police run him for a vag And set him to bucking wood.

  • Faix, but had Oona been tuck away tonight wid that vag o' the world, it's not laughin' you'd be.

    Fardorougha, The Miser

    William Carleton

  • When the two men had exchanged coats and caps the vag strolled leisurely down the track and in a little while Patsy followed.

  • I determined to go home at once, but before I could get out of town I was arrested as a vag and sent up for sixty days.