[ vuh-jil-i-tee ]


, Biology.
  1. the ability of an organism to move about freely and migrate.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of vagility1

First recorded in 1935–40; vagile + -ity

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Example Sentences

The reason for the greater vagility of females in Fitch's records is less evident.

The seemingly greater restriction of muticus to running-water habitats suggests less vagility than in spinifer (Netting, 1944:86).

This figure provides a basis for comparing vagility of this species with others.


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More About Vagility

What is vagility?

Vagility is the ability of an organism to move and migrate, as in Scientists study a species’ vagility, among other things, to understand a species’ migration habits.

Vagility is literally the ability of an animal or plant species to move. The term is often used to specifically describe the likelihood or probability of success a species would have if it migrated away from its natal habitat or its current living space. The vagility of an animal is normally measured based on how many miles it could travel without dying. 

Many species of birds, for example, will migrate away from one habitat and to another with the seasons, often traveling hundreds of miles as a group and successfully making it back and forth every time. These animals are considered to be highly vagile compared to some low vagility species, such as slow-moving tortoises or amphibians and reptiles that depend on water to live.

Example: This breed of toad has a much higher vagility than lake-bound breeds.

Where does vagility come from?

The first records of the term vagility come from around the 1900s. It combines the term vagile, meaning “having freedom of movement,” and the suffix -ity, which forms abstract nouns that express a state, condition, or quality.

When different species are being observed or even discovered for the first time, the vagility of the creature is often studied, along with what habitats they can reasonably survive in. Vagility is an important factor in the study of migrating creatures because it can reveal what the organisms’ patterns might be and how this can be scientifically explained.

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Vagility is almost always discussed in a biological context.

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An animal’s vagility refers to its ability to move.