[ vaj-uh-nek-tuh-mee ]
/ ˌvædʒ əˈnɛk tə mi /

noun, plural vag·i·nec·to·mies. Surgery.

excision of part or all of the vagina.

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British Dictionary definitions for vaginectomy

/ (ˌvædʒɪˈnɛktəmɪ) /

noun plural -mies

surgical removal of all or part of the vagina
surgical removal of part of the serous sheath surrounding the testis and epididymis
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Medical definitions for vaginectomy

[ văj′ə-nĕktə-mē ]


Surgical removal of all or part of the vagina.colpectomy
Surgical removal of the serous membrane covering the testis and epididymus.
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