/ (vəˈlɛtə) /

  1. a variant spelling of Valletta

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How to use Valetta in a sentence

  • Bonaparte attacked Valetta, in Malta, and in a sortie the Maltese lost the standard of their order.

  • These had risen against the French during the summer, and now held them shut up in La Valetta.

    The Life of Nelson, Vol. I (of 2) | A. T. (Alfred Thayer) Mahan
  • Many of the best ladies of Valetta now get their fashions direct from Paris—so the world moves.

    Miss Caprice | St. George Rathborne
  • The smallest child in Valetta may play on the street now and fear no evil, thanks to the love one American bears for his mother.

    Miss Caprice | St. George Rathborne
  • Valetta, being a city of the Italian school, makes much ado over the coming of Lent.

    Miss Caprice | St. George Rathborne