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[ val-yuhnt-lee ]


  1. in a bold and stouthearted way; bravely or courageously:

    The Polish troops fought valiantly in World War II, and were crucial to the Allied victory.

  2. in a heroic way that shows determination and tenacity:

    Since the storm, utility crews have struggled valiantly to restore power, often working 16-hour shifts for days on end.

  3. in a worthy or excellent way:

    Medieval art valiantly, exhaustively, fleshes out one perceptual model after another for what triumphantly escapes human perception: God, death, power, love, and so on.

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  • o·ver·val·iant·ly adverb
  • un·val·iant·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Luckily, there’s no way Tatum is working for the dark side—he’s too radiant and generous a spirit for that—but his persuasiveness is devilishly effective even in movies whose charms you may try valiantly to resist.

From Time

Snipers had room to snipe, sweats could sprint around to attack the flanks, committed souls who wanted to play the objective could valiantly try to hold the spot while taking fire from multiple angles.

As editor of a journal called Memory & Cognition from 1993 to 1997, Geoffrey Loftus of the University of Washington tried valiantly to yank psychologists out of their statistical rut.

The Wizards fought valiantly in a back-and-forth game, their first of a five-game trip.

In a wide-ranging interview, Sund sought to defend his officers, who, he said, had fought valiantly.

Valiantly, there was an attempt to reinvest in Lady Mary in her new and—you guessed it!

It tried valiantly to broker a compromise between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The news anchors donned Wayfarer shades and valiantly tried to keep up—poor Guthrie in those stilettos!

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore valiantly battles Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans Wednesday morning, impressing everyone.

Mothers are hard-hit by the economy, yet work valiantly and willingly to sustain families, says Leslie Bennetts.

While the boy stood valiantly holding the bridle, an old Negro came up and pulled his sleeve.

Disheartened, the Confederates now fell back, leaving the field to those who had so valiantly defended it.

Both armies fought valiantly, and neither side could get the advantage of the other.

And she had struggled valiantly against becoming an embittered old maid; in the main, had succeeded.

Laurence de Cinq-Cygne struggled valiantly against a cunning and redoubtable police-agency, the soul of which was Corentin.


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