Valley Girl

or Val·ley girl

[ val-ee gurl ]


  1. according to a 1980s stereotype, a middle-class teenage girl or young woman from southwestern California characterized by shallowness and materialism and by certain mannerisms of speech (often used attributively):

    She plays the typical airhead Valley girl, complete with uptalk and trendy clothes.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Valley Girl1

First recorded in 1980–85; popularized by U.S. musician Frank Zappa (1940–1993) in his hit single Valley Girl (1982)

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Example Sentences

Was it tough to make these inherently vapid, Valley Girl-ish characters be compelling onscreen?

I do talk like a Valley Girl, though, so I can write that way.

Before he fell in love and married a valley girl, and had a young family to rear, his house had been aloft, in Alleheiligen.

The simplicity of this pure valley girl wrought within his soul a feeling almost sympathetic.

“Excuse me,” she said, with an improbable Valley Girl accent.

The picture shows a Pleasant Valley girl in a kimono nightdress.


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