[ val-yoo-uh-buhl, -yuh-buhl ]
/ ˈvæl yu ə bəl, -yə bəl /
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having considerable monetary worth; costing or bringing a high price: a valuable painting; a valuable crop.
having qualities worthy of respect, admiration, or esteem: a valuable friend.
of considerable use, service, or importance: valuable information.


Usually valuables. articles of considerable value, as of personal property, especially those of relatively small size: They locked their valuables in the hotel safe.



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Origin of valuable

First recorded in 1580–90; value (verb) + -able
1, 3. Valuable, precious refer to that which has monetary or other value. Valuable applies to whatever has value, but especially to what has considerable monetary value or special usefulness, rarity, etc.: a valuable watch. That which is precious has a very high intrinsic value or is very dear for its own sake, associations, or the like: a precious jewel, friendship.
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British Dictionary definitions for valuable

/ (ˈvæljʊəbəl) /


having considerable monetary worth
of considerable importance or qualitya valuable friend; valuable information
able to be valued


(usually plural) a valuable article of personal property, esp jewellery
valuableness, nounvaluably, adverb
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