[ va-moos ]
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verb (used without object),va·moosed, va·moos·ing.
  1. to leave hurriedly or quickly; decamp.

verb (used with object),va·moosed, va·moos·ing.
  1. to leave hurriedly or quickly from; decamp from.

Origin of vamoose

First recorded in 1830–40; from Spanish vamos “let us go,” imperative 1st person plural of ir “to go”
  • Also Older Use, va·mose [va-mohs] /væˈmoʊs/ .

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How to use vamoose in a sentence

  • He's livin', all right, but you vamoose—this mayn't be a pleasant sight tuh see.

    The Lone Ranger Rides | Fran Striker
  • Yuma shouted through the door, "vamoose, I'll be down tuh meet yuh in a minute!"

    The Lone Ranger Rides | Fran Striker
  • If he is all right yu'd better vamoose this range, for there won't be no hole for yu to crawl into next time.

    Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up | Clarence Edward Mulford
  • If hes wise enough to vamoose at sight of us, perhaps we wont get a crack at any of the bunch.

  • "Yes, and if you don't quit I think Billy will make you vamoose anyhow," murmured Roy.

    The Boy from the Ranch | Frank V. Webster

British Dictionary definitions for vamoose


/ (vəˈmuːs) /

  1. (intr) slang, mainly US to leave a place hurriedly; decamp

Origin of vamoose

C19: from Spanish vamos let's go, from Latin vādere to go, walk rapidly

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