van Gogh

[ van goh, gawkh; Dutch vahn khawkh ]


  1. Vin·cent [vin, -s, uh, nt, vin-, sent], 1853–90, Dutch painter.

Van Gogh

/ væn ˈɡɒx; vɑn ˈxɔx /


  1. Van GoghVincent18531890MDutchARTS AND CRAFTS: painter Vincent (vɪnˈsɛnt). 1853–90, Dutch postimpressionist painter, noted for his landscapes and portraits, in which colour is used essentially for its expressive and emotive value

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Example Sentences

From reproductions of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” on ceilings to endless, dramatic faux finishes, “our mother managed to keep us afloat, while still somehow finding the time to dedicate to her own art,” Saxon said.

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Gnarled or elongated fingers, ungainly bodies, oddities of perspective and scale, heavy-handed outlines — these features made Neel’s work feel closer to van Gogh’s.

It was in Saint-Rémy where Van Gogh sends his brother word of how all his sacrifice may soon be for nothing in this life.

With his work, Van Gogh wanted to leave his gift to the world.

Here, we learn the approach Van Gogh took in teaching himself how to draw.

Yet, the ever-visionary Van Gogh still feels the possibility of acclaim after his imminent death.

In a letter written to Theo in December 1883, Van Gogh expressed his reason for writing.

Into this reticence pieces of futurism, Omega cushions and Van-Gogh-like pictures exploded their colours.

Vincent Van Gogh is, to my way of thinking, the greatest genius of the trio under discussion.

Gauguin and Van Gogh knew that there was someone nobler than the peasant.

It was in vain that Van Gogh tried to hold him at arms length.

And Van Gogh was as ready to admit this as we are compelled to recognize its truth.





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