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  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Still, he has connections to Thiel, who like in Arizona, has put up $10 million to boost a super PAC backing Vance.

“I may be a little bit surprised by how much the national media seems obsessed with me,” Vance, whose memoir was adapted into an Oscar-nominated movie, said this week.

Recondite, lips zipped tight — ’cause of you, Vance can’t jail meAwesome to see you not cop a plea, turn on me like Cohen.

That’s the assumption that Noem is trying to exploit and that undergirds Vance’s story.

If Vance favors closing the borders permanently to asylum-seeking, and removing millions of undocumented immigrants already here, he should say so.

Teresa Vance went to the debate from Atlanta to cheer on Nunn.

The Belknaps are asking for $1.2 million, the Vance family for $5 million.

Now the sky is a hot, empty blue, and cars line the curb from Butler to Vance.

Hand­ printed posters at the Vance Avenue Market: CHICKEN BACKS, 12½¢ lb.; HOG MAWS, 15¢: RUMPS, 19¢.

Ditto for Louisiana kissing Congressman Vance McAllister (R-LA).

Tony Flasco, his lieutenant Vance, another killer named Keeper, and an unidentified man were in the mob that shot me down.

“He is truly a beast without the instincts of a gentleman,” cried Madame Vance, excitedly.

Far bitterer to bear than fatigue was the thought that she, Jeanne Vance, had carried information to the enemies of her country.

Madame Vance received the intelligence with demonstrations of joy but Jeanne said nothing.

Without another word Mr. Vance gave the order, and the two men soon succeeded in forcing an entrance.





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