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[ van-dahyk ]


  1. Sir Anthony. Van Dyck, Sir Anthony.
  2. Printing. a proof having white lines on a brown ground or vice versa, made from a negative for a plate.

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Example Sentences

Before Matthew VanDyke was a gun-toting rebel in Libya, he was just a 29-year-old with OCD, afraid of sugar.

Curry was intrigued and, unlike the other filmmakers VanDyke consulted, he had time to take on a major project.

“From the start it was a collaborative effort,” VanDyke says.

And VanDyke and Fischer had dinner with war correspondent Steven Sotloff mere weeks before he was kidnapped.

VanDyke confirmed the attack on his website, writing that SEA had emailed him a blackmail threat.

Her dress is what is termed a Vandyke robe; it fits closely, and is scolloped round the neck, arms, and at the bottom.

Vandyke, Reynolds, Titian—he deemed these the great triumvirate of portraiture.

And in the Flemish school, Rubens and Vandyke made their designs for the most part either in colours or in chiaroscuro.

"Ill taught reason" would lead us to prefer a portrait by Denner to one by Titian or Vandyke.

He, also, had changed his attire, and looked very handsome in his curling Vandyke beard of the cut which artists affect.


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