[ vat-i-kuh n ]
/ ˈvæt ɪ kən /


Also called Vatican Palace. the chief residence of the popes in Vatican City, now also including a library, archives, art museum, apartments, and administrative offices.
the authority and government of the pope (distinguished from the Quirinal).

Origin of Vatican

1545–55; < Latin vātīcānus (mōns) Vatican (hill)

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Vatican II

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/ (ˈvætɪkən) /


  1. the palace of the popes in Rome and their principal residence there since 1377, which includes administrative offices, a library, museum, etc, and is attached to the basilica of St Peter's
  2. (as modifier)the Vatican Council
  1. the authority of the Pope and the papal curia
  2. (as modifier)a Vatican edict

Word Origin for Vatican

C16: from Latin Vāticānus mons Vatican hill, on the western bank of the Tiber, of Etruscan origin
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Vatican II

The popular name for the Second Vatican Council, an assembly of all the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church held from 1962 to 1965. The bishops ordered a large-scale liberalization and modernization of practices in their church.

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