[ vawd-vil, vohd-, vaw-duh- ]
/ ˈvɔd vɪl, ˈvoʊd-, ˈvɔ də- /
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Definition of vaudeville

theatrical entertainment consisting of a number of individual performances, acts, or mixed numbers, as by comedians, singers, dancers, acrobats, and magicians.Compare variety (def. 9).
a theatrical piece of light or amusing character, interspersed with songs and dances.
a satirical cabaret song.
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Origin of vaudeville

1730–40; <French, shortened alteration of Middle French chanson du vau de Vire “song of the vale of Vire,” a valley of Calvados, France, noted for satirical folksongs

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British Dictionary definitions for vaudeville

/ (ˈvəʊdəvɪl, ˈvɔː-) /

mainly US and Canadian variety entertainment consisting of short acts such as acrobatic turns, song-and-dance routines, animal acts, etc, popular esp in the early 20th centuryBrit name: music hall
a light or comic theatrical piece interspersed with songs and dances

Word Origin for vaudeville

C18: from French, from vaudevire satirical folk song, shortened from chanson du vau de Vire song of the valley of Vire, a district in Normandy where this type of song flourished
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Cultural definitions for vaudeville

[ (vawd-vuhl, vaw-duh-vil) ]

Light theatrical entertainment, popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, consisting of a succession of short acts. A vaudeville show usually included comedians, singers, dancers, jugglers, trained animals, magicians, and the like.

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