[ vee ]


  1. shaped like the letter V: a vee neckline.


  1. anything shaped like or suggesting a V .

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Word History and Origins

Origin of vee1

First recorded in 1880–85; spelling of the letter name

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Example Sentences

She was a nightmare-inducing monster of a woman as Vee and I loved every second of her performance.

Actually, Vee gave Kate Mulgrew more pointers as to who Red is than any other single person.

And what a monumental reminder of what a monster Vee really is.

To reveal Vee required an intimate dance with my shadow self.

At the core of playing Vee is that passion, is that love of the work.

“Vee-boers” are distinguished from other Boers by their special employment being the grazing and raising of cattle.

Just then the Vee-Boers had other fish to fry—a great danger to get rid of—which he, as all the rest, was called upon to combat.

Another encampment of the Vee-Boers, their three waggons as before, forming its substantial centre.

To speak of a Vee-Boer having household gods may seem a misnomer, since he never has a house.

Had his cattle still remained to him, no doubt the vee-boer would have resolved at once to make this spot his future home.