[ ven-uh-zwey-luhn, ‑-zwee- ]


  1. of or relating to the republic of Venezuela.


  1. a native or inhabitant of the republic of Venezuela.
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Other Words From

  • an·ti-Ven·e·zue·lan adjective noun
  • pro-Ven·e·zue·lan adjective noun
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Example Sentences

Ramirez also says she often faces hostility from Glovo customers and restaurant staff if they realize she is Venezuelan.

From Time

The Venezuelan minister of foreign relations wrote on Twitter that his government would send humanitarian supplies and aid workers to help evacuate island residents.

It was my first time eating in a New York City restaurant, and my first encounter with Venezuelan food.

From Eater

The Venezuelan experiment with the petro, a cryptocurrency backed up by oil, is the odd one out.

From Ozy

That’s Ricardo Hausmann, a Venezuelan economist who teaches at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

I went into the audition as Fericito, the Venezuelan percussionist, and then I did a self-defense expert.

It is a major buyer of Venezuelan oil and gas and Brazilian iron ore.

Maybe even a mass exodus of Venezuelan women looking to get breast implants done in Colombia.

And large breasts play an out-sized role in the Venezuelan national psyche.

Love them or hate them, breast implants play an outsized role in the Venezuelan national psyche.

An officer in the Venezuelan and the Peruvian services was fortunately nigh the banks of the river, shooting wild pigs.

Brief mention must be made of the Venezuelan movement, whose dominant figure was Bolvar.

Of this the happy termination of the Venezuelan question is the most recent but not the only instance.

Aruba lies in the southernmost part of the Caribbean, off the Venezuelan coast and west of Curaçao.

The Venezuelan customs will not even allow the Maracaibo forwarding agent the same chops, as a general rule.