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[ ven-uh-muhs ]


  1. (of an animal) having a gland or glands for secreting venom; able to inflict a poisoned bite, sting, or wound:

    a venomous snake.

  2. full of or containing venom; poisonous:

    a venomous wound; a venomous potion.

  3. spiteful; malignant:

    a venomous attack; a venomous tongue.

    Synonyms: ill-disposed, rancorous, hostile, malicious

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Other Words From

  • venom·ous·ly adverb
  • venom·ous·ness venom·ness noun
  • non·venom·ous adjective
  • non·venom·ous·ly adverb
  • non·venom·ous·ness noun
  • un·venom·ous adjective
  • un·venom·ous·ly adverb
  • un·venom·ous·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of venomous1

1250–1300; Middle English venim ( o ) us < Anglo-French venimus ( Old French venimeux ). See venom, -ous

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Example Sentences

Close encounters with the scarier sort—the goliath bird-eating spider in an undergraduate zoology class, the venomous redbacks sharing my tent on a research trip to Australia—well, let’s just say they taught me more about myself than about arachnids.

These pain-producing substances resemble toxins from venomous animals.

They have lots of legs and almost all are venomous – though the majority of species have venom too weak to cause issues in humans, if their fangs can pierce our skin at all.

When Nigerian physician Garba Iliyasu was 10, a venomous snake bit a family member.

Even in Australia — notorious for its deadly, venomous snakes — bites account for just a handful of annual deaths.

They also frequented online chat rooms where fellow Islamic zealots teed off with venomous rants about their hate for infidels.

The black mamba snake slithering towards Lakshmi is highly venomous.

Boxing fans everywhere reviled him and sent him swarms of venomous hate mail.

She depicts the conflict between Roosevelt and Lindbergh to influence public opinion as a venomous vendetta.

By this date, the Jesuits (“the Company of Loyola”) had grown accustomed to such venomous denunciations.

If you value your life, and that of your mother and her husband, avoid him as you would some venomous reptile.

The venomous old toad made a supreme effort and whispered, "Suppose she should die?"

Suzanne snatched away her hand, and the glance she gave her husband was one of venomous hauteur.

A fumbling hand reached up and missed; the light was nearly gone now, in a swirling cloud of venomous smoke.

De Gay collects venomous insects from all over the world; no harmless ones need apply.